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“It’s a wonderful feeling when you meet someone that will be with you forever. I wanted to capture the essence of that in an original love song.” In this episode I talk about the Romantic songs on this album, including the title #MyOneAndOnlyOne
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“Lovesong was made famous by The Cure in the 80’s and covered later by Adele. One of the reasons this lovesong stands out to me is because it has a melancholy melody, in a way it is a sad lovesong.” In this last episode I discuss why I recorded three covers on my album.

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“My trip to Cuba last December influenced 3 songs on this album “Cuba, Paraiso Magico, and Siempre”. In this episode I discuss how my trip to Havana, Cuba inspired three songs on this album.

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“My One and Only One” is a cross-cultural album that reflects the rhythms from Africa, sounds of Cuba, beauty and romanticism of Latin America wrapped together with pop-grooves and a deep appreciation for traditional jazz. This CD has everything, you’re going to LOVE IT !

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My top 10 things in 2014

10- Magazine Covers

9- Mallorca Jazz Festival

8- Big Band shows

7- Asia tour

6- Jazz in the Schools

5- Florida Tour

4- MTV Video Awards performance with Taylor Swift

3- London

2- Africa


have a blessed year xoxo

While we were in Nigeria Africa for the Sax Appeal Jazz Festival we had a chance to catch up with Nigerian Bassist Jerry Palmer and talk about African Music:


Last year we traveled to Africa to perform for the 4th annual Sax Appeal Concert in Nigeria. It was a mind blowing experience !

From the Daily Sun

“According to Jessy, she was so impressed with her experience in Nigeria that she has decided to dedicate a song to the most populous black nation in the world. Hear her: “People in the West see Africa as one big Safari. They think that everywhere you go, there are giraffes and different kinds of animals and lots of villages like we see on TV. But I found out that there is more to Nigeria than meets the eye.”

“After I got an invitation to perform at Sax Appeal 4, I went online and saw beautiful pictures of Abuja and Lagos. I saw pictures of the mosque and the cathedral in Abuja. I also saw pictures of the Transcorp Hilton where we are having the concert today, so I knew that it was a very modern city with everything we have in America; Lagos and Abuja are International cities.”

Nigeria, Africa