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  1. Hi Jessy! I just love it when you send me videos and emails. It makes me feel like I know you, and I did meet you when you came to Phoenix, remember? I see you will be coming back February the 14th, Valentine’s Day. I look forward to seeing you again and enjoying your music. Until then!

    Your friend Eddie in Phoenix, Az.

  2. Lovely mother, lovely daughter.

  3. Hello Jessy,

    My Sisters and I met you at your La Costa concert.
    You were amazing, and so very
    charming! We had a wonderful time.

    The dress you wore (at my request – heh,heh), at the Oceanside concert was lovely.

    You are such a talented, beautiful young woman.

    Wishing you continued Success!


  4. Hi Jessy…

    It’s me again. Looking forward to seeing you again on October 2nd in Temecula,Ca.
    I will be in the San Diego area the first week of October and visiting my brother in Dana Point. See you then…

    Take care, your friend in Phoenix, Eddie Valencia

  5. Can’t believe I never heard of your talents until now.. I adore your music and the fact that your dad is also from SINALOA !! How cool is that!! I thought banda was the only music out of Just wanted to drop this message and say thanks for Latina magazine I now know you and am going to follow you!!


    Monica Sandoval
    San Francisco Bay Area

  6. Hi Jessy, l have heard your music on the Watercolors station, but just bought tickets to see you in Bethlehem Pa and am so excited! I took a look at your blog and am researching more of your music. I am so impressed by you, your lovely family, and amazing talent. Look forward to the show!

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