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Earlier this Year we celebrated the Chinese New Year with a Jazz Benefit Concert in the Philippines. It was a wonderful experience traveling to Manila for the first time and experiencing the beautiful Filipino Culture. Here are a few pics from my trip:

20140421-193127.jpg 20140421-193229.jpg


From the Independent Newspaper:

Characteristics of the Horse
“The Horse is a fast moving creature and can even sleep whilst standing up. It should not be a surprise that the Horse is deemed the most yang of the animal signs. The Horse is a fire creature and it also carries a little bit of earth, which can probably help the Horse stay grounded as it snoozes whilst vertical on all fours. What sort of influences will the Horse exert in 2014? Since the Horse is a fiery creature, watch out for passions running high. The Horse is a portent for romance luck for those born under the signs of the Snake, Rooster and Ox. Will it be a flirtatious fling, or an engagement ring?”


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  1. Thanks for a wonderful performance in Birmingham!!! J Brad

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