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I remember watching the twin towers dissolve into black smoke on my apartment television screen in 2001. At the time I was living near LAX and remember that they canceled all the flights and closed the airport. I never imagined anything like this could ever happen, on purpose. Tears began to stream down my face as they replayed the images over and over. I was in disbelief and completely saddened for the loss of these innocent people.

Today lets celebrate the heros of this tragedy, the survivors, and families of loved ones lost. I am so proud to be an American~ the land of the Brave and the Free!


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  1. That was a shock to all of us especially to members of the Emergency Services, 343 of my brothers were lost that day
    along with numerous Police Officers and Medics ,lets never forget those brave and unselfish members who gave their lives so others could live and also never forget the 2700 other souls who were lost that sad day may they all rest in peace
    Thank you jessy for sharing your feelings with us

    Firefighter Bob McGowan (Ret.)

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