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    • Jesse L. Wallace Jr.
    • Posted April 15, 2011 at 6:31 pm
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    Hi Jessy,

    I love your music, style and beauty!!!! Where are you going to be performing on July 9th, the information is not complete on your website?

    Have you ever considered playing a gig at Primm Valley Resorts, at the Star of the Desert Arena. My wife and I saw the Rippington’s last weekend, one of the best jazz concerts we have ever been to. The sound and acoustics are awesome there.

    Keep jamming…..


    • thanks for your feedback and positive love! We’ll be at the Festival of Arts (650 Laguna Canyon Road) 1pm in Laguna Beach~ I’ll try to post more info as soon as I get it 🙂

      luv ya 2!!!


  1. Hello Mrs. J. A great honor to your takes. Great sax solo on tequila moon.. amazing take. Best wishes from Germany..

    yours truely

    Claus O.

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