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“fiery solo work, swinging hard with her own bluesy
sensibilities and rich tone.”

International Review of Music

“True Love…spirited and adventurous genre-crossing album, filled with tunes accessible to a wide range of music tastes.”


“expressive innovator busy setting trends…”

“…confident Jessy J, asserting her own identity as she fuses Latin influences with jazz.”

“graceful and sensuous soprano sax…impassioned, sultry Latin soul”


“Jessy J is a refreshing and sexy force in the world of smooth jazz”

“stylish vocals and lush, sultry tenor saxophone playing”

“playful, strong vocals by J”

“her tenor phrasing reminiscent of Maceo Parker’s masterfully swinging”

International Review of Music

“True Love demonstrates that Jessy has talent, chops, and originality and is well worth keeping an eye on.”

ALL Music Guide

“projecting a sound and identity of her own. True Love is smooth jazz meets Latin jazz”

“sweetly pleasant vocals”



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