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My Day at the Grammy’s
By Jessy

The Grammy’s were such an incredibly electrifying experience. I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of watching the Grammy’s and have even been known to play along with my favorite artists from my living room! 🙂 I usually watched the Grammy’s from home with my saxophone in hand… and when the performers started playing so did I!!! It was almost the next best thing to being there myself. I love the collaborations that the Grammy committee always seems to put together so effortlessly…. this year I got to see it First hand and LIVE! My favorite performances were, Stevie Wonder (one of my all time favorite artists) and Jennifer Hudson (one of my new favorite artists).

The Pre-telecast was amazing. I was there to support legendary guitar player, Earl Klugh, and extraordinary saxophonist Gerald Albright! I cant really describe the amount of joy I had by being the same room as some of my role models like Josh Groban and Carrie Underwood, when they walked by I was in awe! Then later we got to step out onto the red carpet with Earl Klugh …. That was stunning. On the red carpet we got to rub shoulders with everyone, like Jay- Z, Ne-Yo, Jonas Brothers, LL Cool J, and even boxing champ…. Evander Holyfield

All it all is was the most inspiring evening of my life…. and I can’t wait till the Grammy’s next year!




  1. I love going to Spaghettini’s, I will definitely be there to see you on Saturday. I checked out your video nice, not only are you talented but beautiful too. I wish you all the best you are truly going to be a force to reckon with.

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    I think your readers will really enjoy it too!

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