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Hey guys, 


How are you doin’? I am in New Jersey today and thought I would drop ya all a line let you know what’s up.

 The Michael Bolton Tour and Guitars & Saxes dates have been going extremely well. Keep in mind there are always those unexpected happenings on the road ….for instance…


While I was in St. Louis with Guitars & Saxes I had a really bad tooth ache and happened to run into jazz enthusiast/dentist at our show. “Dr. Pam” hooked me up with her colleague in Chicago for a visit the next day…most of the guys in the band thought that I might have a cavity or need a root canal, so to say the least I was concerned about my tooth…I showed up at the Dentist’s office in Chicago and they started with a basic exam, x ray, then noticed a PIECE of CARAMEL CANDY stuck in between my teeth!!! The candy was actually causing my gums to become inflamed and a lot of pain in my mouth…so they simply removed the Caramel, cleaned my teeth and I went on my merry way J


Luv ya!


  1. Oh, Thanks! Really funny. Big ups!

  2. Greets! Really amazing. Big ups!

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